Expert Assistance with Security Grilles Installations in Stratford

When you need more than good locks and solid doors, installing security grilles at your Stratford property is an excellent way to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. And when you’re looking for a trustworthy local company to complete the installation work, Owen's Locksmiths is a highly recommended choice.

Choose From a Range of Security Fixtures

There are so many different sorts of grilles that researching them might seem overwhelming. Book a consultation with a security expert if you’d appreciate some advice. Your consultant will be happy to tell you about:

Burglar bars – A traditional choice for ground floor windows. Bars can be fixed or removable, purely functional or decorative too.

External security gates – These fit in front of doors and are an option when you want to discourage loitering in doorways as well as reducing crime risk.

Internal grilles – There’s lots of choice of design, strength and features. Your grilles could be side opening or upward rolling, barred, diamond meshed or strapping.

Specialist screens – Screens that protect against ultraviolet light, or others that allow maximum light penetration. Blast or ballistic resistance are also possible when you really do need the highest levels of security.

Getting the Fitting Right

The performance of your grilles is dependant on having the right product for the location and making sure it’s correctly installed:

  • Any grilles, grates or bars supplied will be quality products and conform to British Standard codes where these apply
  • Your adviser will ensure that your enhanced security fixtures are strong enough for their intended purpose and location
  • Both fitting and parts used are backed by guarantee

Dependable Tradesmen to Complete Your Work

As with all services, your grill installation will be completed by reference and skill-vetted tradesmen who’re committed to delivering top standards of workmanship and exceptional client care. Expect them to:

  • Arrive at the expected time, smartly presented in company uniform
  • Bring all the tools and fixtures needed to do the job
  • Keep their work area tidy and clear up after themselves when the job’s done

Get Your Security Grilles in Stratford – Fast!

Start the process of getting your grilles today by calling the Owen's Locksmiths customer care line:

  • The phone is staffed 24/7 so you’ll get straight through
  • Request an immediate quote
  • Book an appointment in a single call
  • When you need the work done quickly, same-day visits are possible