Hire Trusted Technicians for Your Lock Repairs in Stratford

When you need lock repairs in Stratford, think of Owen's Locksmiths. You’ll be choosing a service which is completed by qualified technicians and which comes with assurances of quality workmanship and great value.

Urgent Repairs and Lock Maintenance

After a forced entry, or in any situation where a lock that’s vital to your daily security has failed, request the soonest possible appointment:

Emergency repairs

Even in an urgent situation, your service will be delivered in a considered and systematic manner:

  • The lock will be examined and assessed
  • Where repair is possible and the mechanism can be returned to a trustworthy condition, the work is completed
  • If it seems likely that the lock can’t be returned to reliable function you’ll be advised of this
  • On your request, your technician will replace the lock with something similar or with a more secure alternative

Lock maintenance

Sometimes you’ll need lock fixing on a mechanism that’s still working but not reliable. The steps followed will be the same as in an emergency situation. Situations where non-urgent lock work is indicated include:

  • Locks where the key feels stiff and is reluctant to turn
  • Mechanisms that feel loose as the key is turned
  • Multi-point locks where the bolts don’t align perfectly and won’t slide smoothly into place
  • Latches and strike plates that have become misaligned making the door hard to lock

A Quality Service Suited to Any Sort of Lock Fixing

Book lock repairs for your doors and also for window locks, locked office or home furniture, safes or strong boxes or any other types of locks:

  • Your work will always be completed by qualified and certified workers
  • Everything is covered by a comprehensive guarantee
  • All parts or products used will conform to current British Standards

Reliable and Trustworthy Locksmiths

  • Your locksmiths will arrive promptly for your appointment
  • They’ll bring along the tools needed to complete your work as well as commonly needed spare parts
  • Your service will generally be completed in a single visit

Setting Up Your Lock Repairs in Stratford

All Owen's Locksmiths services are accessed using the same 24/7 customer support centre:

  • Call to get an immediate quote
  • Request an emergency call-out and your technician will arrive within 30 minutes
  • Planned services can be completed any day of the week