Lock Upgrades and Emergency Lock Changes in Stratford

Replacing an outdated lock is a quick and simple way to upgrade your security. But when you fear your keys may have fallen into the wrong hands, your lock change in Stratford becomes a matter of urgency. Owen's Locksmiths offers both planned and emergency lock replacements.

Options to Consider When You’re Changing a Lock

Just as there are different reasons for needing to replace a lock, there are various ways the work can be done:

Partial lock changes – Changing the inner mechanism will mean that old keys no longer work. The casing remains in place, making this the quickest and simplest option for suitable types of lock.

A like for like change – If a partial change isn’t possible but your old lock was a suitable choice for the location, this is the next option to consider. Little or no work will need to be done on the door itself, as the new mechanism will fit into the gap left by the old one.

Lock upgrades – When your old lock doesn’t offer the security you need your locksmith will recommend a more suitable model. This may mean that some making good will have to be done to the door where the lock is fitted.

Reasons for Using a Specialist Service for Lock Replacement

Doing it yourself may be possible, but you’ll miss out on:

  • Services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you never have to wait for shops to open
  • A comprehensive guarantee that covers both products and workmanship
  • The certainty that any locks supplied will meet current British Standards
  • Expert advice from a security specialist who’ll make sure your exterior locks meet the standards expected by insurance companies

Know Who Your Technicians Are

By booking your locksmiths from a reputable company you ensure that:

  • Anyone coming to you will be a reference-vetted person
  • Your worker is committed to the highest standards of customer care
  • Your work will be completed in the least costly way that’s consistent with maintaining your security

Get a Quote for Your Lock Change in Stratford

Whether you’re looking for an emergency service or a planned one, you’ll always use the same number to contact Owen's Locksmiths:

  • Our customer support line is staffed 24/7
  • Emergency locksmith call-out time is approximately 30 minutes
  • Planned services are available seven days a week