Hire an Emergency Locksmith for Broken Key Removal in Stratford

If it’s your filing cabinet, you’ll be irritated. If it’s your front door, you’ll be greatly inconvenienced! Whatever the situation, the Owen's Locksmiths broken key removal service in Stratford is the quick and certain way to resolve it.

No Fuss, No Damage Broken Key Extraction

This service includes getting the key out and all follow-up work where necessary:

Stages of your work

Your locksmith will arrive with all the tools required to extract even the most stubborn key stub:

  • The key will be removed and the lock released
  • The lock will be checked to see if a fault in it contributed to the key getting stuck
  • If there’s a fault it will be repaired wherever possible
  • If the lock is irreparable you’ll be offered a replacement
  • New keys will┬ábe cut or provided as necessary

Broken key removal is available for

  • Domestic or commercial exterior doors
  • Multi-point locks
  • Interior doors
  • Knob locks or lever handle locks
  • Patio, sliding or french door locks
  • Window locks
  • Filing cabinets or other lockable furniture
  • Padlocks
  • Vehicle locks, including cars, vans, motorcycles and caravans

Why Choose a Specialist for Key Extraction?

  • A specialist will bring a full range of tools and a wealth of know-how to resolve this tricky situation
  • In most cases, the key is removed without damaging the lock
  • The follow-up steps that are included reduce the chance of the situation repeating
  • Your service is delivered under guarantee and is covered by insurance

A Safe Choice for Your Emergency Technicians

The worst case scenario is that you’re trapped outside your home, waiting for a stranger to come and open your door. Before calling for someone to do that we’d like you to know that:

  • Your emergency locksmith will be a reference-checked person, vetted through the DBS service
  • You’ll recognise your assistant immediately by their company uniform and they’ll be carrying ID too
  • Our 24/7 support line means that if ever you have the slightest concerns, you’ll be able to get in touch instantly

Book Broken Key Removal in Stratford Without Paying a Deposit

  • Get an instant quote from Owen's Locksmiths using our customer support line
  • Your emergency locksmith will be dispatched as soon as you confirm that you’d like the service
  • Non-urgent broken key removal can be pre-booked for weekdays or weekends