Get Access Control in Stratford Installed or Repaired

When tens or even hundreds of people use the same door, issuing keys is a security nightmare. That’s just one of the times when access control in Stratford is exactly what you need. For this, and so much more, Owen's Locksmiths delivers an expert local service that makes managing security in large buildings simple.

A World of Choice for Multi-Occupancy Access Solutions

Access control ranges from the straightforward to the highly sophisticated. Whatever your needs are, there’s a system to suit them:

Finding the right system:

If you don’t yet have access control in place, take advantage of a site survey and consultation to explore the possibilities:

  • Your adviser will come to your home, office or wherever else you need your system installed
  • You’ll have time to discuss exactly what you want your installation to do for you
  • Once your technician has a good grasp of what’s required they’ll suggest some possible solutions
  • You’ll get a final price for system supply and installation costs

Some common access control solutions:

  • Master-key systems – Used in hotels, residential homes or similar places. Individuals have keys for rooms, trusted personnel have wider access
  • Swipe cards – Used in hotels or offices, swipe cards can be programmed to work for a limited time or cancelled at need
  • Mechanical keypads – Entry is granted when the code is keyed in. In simple systems, one code is used by all personnel
  • Digital keypads – More costly initially, but also more flexible. Different people have different codes and the system can be easily updated

Guaranteed Quality Installations

  • Any products supplied will be well-known brands that are backed by guarantee
  • Your technician will work with you to find the most cost-effective system that meets your needs
  • Your installation can be completed out of normal working hours to minimise disruption

Customer Care Standards

To make sure you get the best possible service, we choose the best possible people to deliver it. That means:

  • Your technicians are background-vetted for honesty and skill-checked for competence
  • Your workers will arrive dressed in a company uniform and will work with professionalism and consideration
  • All work is delivered under insurance

Moving Forward with Access Control in Stratford

  • Use the Owen's Locksmiths customer support line to request more information or a free quote
  • Book a consultation for any day of the week
  • Same-day appointments are available for emergency repairs